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Lecturer for Business Analytics

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Open Mar 20, 2014 through Dec 31, 2014
Last review date was December 31st, 2014. Your application may or may not be reviewed by the search committee


The Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis, seeks temporary instructors to teach one or multiple Decision Making and Management Science courses and Supply Chain Management during the 2014-2015 academic year (likely during the Spring and/or Summer quarters). The course descriptions for Decision Making and Management Science and Supply Chain Management are listed below.

Decision Making and Management Science: Considers management science for decision makers. Topics include an introduction to modeling and decision analysis, an introduction to optimization and linear programming, modeling and solving linear programming problems in a spread sheet, sensitivity analysis and the simplex method, networks, integer linear programming, project management and decision analysis.

Supply Chain Management: Matching supply with demand is a primary challenge for a firm: excess supply is too costly, inadequate supply irritates customers. Matching supply to demand is easiest when a firm has a flexible supply process, but flexibility is generally expensive. In this course we will learn(1) how to assess the appropriate level of supply flexibility for a given industry and (2) explore strategies for economically increasing a firm's supply flexibility. Lastly we will study coordination and incentives across multiple firms in a supply chain. While tactical models and decisions are part of this course, the emphasis is on the qualitative insights needed by general managers or management consultants.

Your application should describe your teaching interests and experience and include a resume, evidence of teaching (preferred), and the names and addresses of three references. Please do not submit letters of reference. If you do not having teaching experience, please give alternative experiences that might qualify you.

Positions are contingent on funding and pending administrative approval and salary is based on ability and experience. Applicants should have a terminal degree. Potential candidates should submit their application online; we will only be accepting applications online. Please submit a vitae, evidence of teaching ability and contact information for three references. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis for future temporary openings, so the position will remain open until filled. Only completed files will be reviewed.

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3 references required (contact information only)