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Graduate Diversity Officer for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Recruitment Period

Open date: August 14th, 2018
Last review date: September 5th, 2018
Applications received after this date will be reviewed by the search committee if the position has not yet been filled.
Final date: December 31st, 2018
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.



The Office of Graduate Studies oversees all aspects of graduate education and post-doctoral training at UC Davis, including recruitment, admissions, retention, outreach, financial support, placement and postdoctoral studies. The office provides the administrative support to assist over 6,500 masters and doctoral students registered in more than 99 academic graduate programs, and is responsible for awarding over $40 million annually in the form of fellowships, stipends, grants, and tuition and fee remissions.


The Graduate Diversity Officer for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (GDO-STEM) is responsible for providing overall direction and implementation of a student recruitment and retention plan for students whose backgrounds enhance the diversity of graduate education. Reporting to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, the GDO-STEM is responsible for recruitment and retention program development and delivery strategies that foster diversity and support the overall mission of the University and its Principles of Community.

The role of the GDO-STEM is to increase the presence and the academic success of a more diverse population of graduate students in targeted fields, including first generation students, underrepresented women and minority students, students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, students of color and students with disabilities who apply, are admitted to and complete master’s and doctoral degrees. In support of achieving this goal, the GDO-STEM provides significant academic input as Manager of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Graduate Diversity Program. The GDO-STEM works to achieve the goals of the Program through individual but coordinated efforts of recruitment, admission advising, and support of admitted students, as well as development of institutional educational programs that contribute to a more welcoming and supportive campus culture for a diverse graduate student population. The GDO-STEM interacts closely with graduate program chairs, faculty, administrators, staff, the deans of schools/colleges/divisions offering science, technology, engineering, mathematics and allied programs, deans and other staff in Graduate Studies and with other diversity coordinators (especially the Graduate Diversity Officer for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (GDO-HASS).

The GDO-STEM uses initiative, independent judgment, experience, originality, and networking skills to develop strategies to identify students with the potential for leadership in increasing representation in fields where specific individuals or groups are underrepresented in the graduate applicant pool for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduate programs. In consultation with the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, the GDO-STEM is delegated authority and responsibility for a wide variety of academic and outreach activities. The GDO-STEM shares information for long-term planning and analysis in support of academic program planning, fund raising, and outreach efforts with the Dean to achieve the program objectives.

The GDO-STEM is an Academic Coordinator. Academic Coordinators are appointees who administer academic programs that provide service closely related to the teaching or research mission of the University. The duties of an Academic Coordinator are primarily administrative. Individuals in an Academic Coordinator title who are assigned research or instructional duties are required to hold a dual title. Appointment, promotion and review of Academic Coordinators follows the policy and procedures outlined in Academic Policy Manual, section 375 and 220AF; Academic Coordinators are members of the Academic Federation and subject to academic review.


Term appointment beginning October 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019, with the possibility of extension.


The GDO-STEM plans and implements annual recruitment and retention strategies with the goal to eliminate barriers that inhibit full participation of students from diverse backgrounds who apply to, are admitted to, and complete master’s and doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduate programs. Activities may include, but are not limited to:

Provide leadership to deans, academic programs, Academic Senate committees and administrative units with responsibility for graduate students. The duties of the GDO-STEM may include such responsibilities as:

  • analyzing and interpreting graduate student, campus and university data on application, admission and enrollment to guide strategies and activities that will eliminate disparities in student achievement;

  • assessing university diversity programs and constituency needs in order to develop, initiate and carryout a variety of educational programs aimed at supporting students from underrepresented groups;

  • continuing to build a cadre of partner faculty who are committed to eliminating barriers to full participation by women and minorities within graduate programs and organizes their participation in outreach and recruiting;

  • developing a summer research experience program to stimulate interest in graduate education among a diverse pool of undergraduate students in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, and collaborates with other pipeline and summer research opportunity programs;

  • providing leadership for diversity in graduate education at faculty meetings, Academic Senate meetings and in consultation with graduate programs;

  • collaborating with faculty to develop specific recruiting strategies for individual graduate programs to improve diversity;

  • collaborating with graduate program admissions committees; interactions may range from direct participation to more indirect participation such as consultation with faculty on admissions committees to provide academic, financial and cultural input about a prospective student or minority-serving institutions;

  • providing academic and cultural counsel to graduate programs about students from diverse backgrounds, including specific information that may not be evident, but may be valuable in consideration for admission of applicants and retention of admitted students;

  • collaborating with training grant investigators to develop successful strategies to increase representation in fields where specific groups are underrepresented and to financially support a more representative graduate population.

Provide research, evaluation, and assessment for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Graduate Diversity Program. The duties of the GDO-STEM may include such responsibilities as:

  • developing proposals for extramural funding of campus programs and identification of support resources;

  • functioning as the principal investigator or co-principal investigator to administer funded projects that enhance diversity within graduate education;

  • compiling and interpreting relevant data on admissions in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and allied programs using current and historical data at the school/college/division, campus, and national levels;

  • drawing upon contemporary research literature as a foundation for academic workshops for students and as a potential source of new programmatic directions and initiatives.

Advise, counsel and advocate for prospective applicants from diverse backgrounds. The duties of the GDO-STEM may include such responsibilities as:

  • identifying specific opportunities to increase the diversity of the population of students who apply to and are admitted to graduate programs;

  • developing and maintains strategic partnerships and positive relationships with faculty and prospective students at minority-serving universities;

  • organizing and delivers outreach and recruitment presentations for prospective graduate students at colleges, universities, conferences and symposia;

  • participating in student visiting day events at the graduate program level;

  • collaborating with faculty and staff in the targeted graduate programs to reach out to and recruit a diverse graduate student population, including contacting prospective and admitted students to advise them on all aspects of the admissions process;

  • working with the Director of Admissions and Academic Services and the Manager of Marketing and Communication in the Office of Graduate Studies to develop and distribute outreach and recruitment materials as needed both in written and electronic formats;

  • assisting in locating and securing financial support for students, such as fellowships or grants.

Advise, counsel and advocate for groups of underrepresented graduate students to help them adjust to graduate education and life as a graduate student at UC Davis. The duties of the GDO-STEM may include such responsibilities as:

  • providing graduate student advising, counseling, and mentoring;

  • advocating for graduate students as appropriate based on information and consent obtained from students and or programs;

  • monitoring the academic progress of students from underrepresented groups and meets individually with them, if needed, to discuss their progress;

  • developing individual development strategies with students, as needed, to ensure their success and ensure that students who need great academic assistance receive additional attention as well as additional preparation, tutoring and mentoring from either the GDO-STEM or the program faculty;

  • providing assistance and guidance to support groups such as the Black Graduate and Professional Student Association and the Latino Graduate Student Association;

  • serving as a participating member of the Graduate Ally Coalition;

  • drawing upon support units campus wide to assist as a student support network that includes the Student Health and Wellness Center, the Internship and Career Center, the LGBT Resource Center, the Cross Cultural Center, the Women’s Resources and Research Center and the Student Recruitment and Retention Center;

  • assisting students in establishing social networks within their programs;

  • performing extensive research to develop academically-oriented programs and advising students of professional opportunities such as fellowships, conferences, and career opportunities;

  • investigating and interpreting graduate program policies and curricula to better advise students across the many programs in the humanities, arts and social sciences.


The GDO-STEM independently seeks funding opportunities and writes grant proposals for resources available to administer programs that enhance diversity within graduate education. (Conducting research is not an expectation of duties.) The duties of the GDO-STEM may include such responsibilities as:

  • identifying external funding sources and opportunities that may be available in order to create and develop academic programs that support students from groups that are underrepresented in their fields. Support may be in the form of research, mentoring or outreach;

  • seeking extramural funding for academic pipeline and summer research programs for student outreach that are either collaborations with or separate from similar programs;

  • developing proposals to extramural agencies to provide financial support for graduate students from diverse backgrounds;

  • monitoring project budgets and expenditures, and providing recommendations for the utilization of funding.


The GDO-STEM provides intellectual leadership and scholarship on diversity matters as a representative of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Graduate Diversity Program, the Office of Graduate Studies, and the University as a whole. The GDO-STEM serves as an adviser to the deans of units offering graduate education in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, and to the Graduate Council. The GDO-STEM serves as a representative for the sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and allied graduate programs and the Office of Graduate Studies within UC Davis, with systemwide units and to non-UC agencies at higher education diversity events. In addition, the GDO-STEM communicates with other UC Davis campus units to facilitate funding and admissions for students including graduate and professional school diversity directors in other campus units, the McNair Scholars Program, the UC LEADS program the Cross Cultural Center, the LGBT Resource Center, the Women’s Resource and Research Center, the Student Recruitment and Retention Center, the Graduate Ally Coalition, and Undergraduate Admissions.

The GDO-STEM participates in professional development activities (e.g., workshops, seminars, classes, training sessions, and conferences) to stay abreast of current trends and new developments in the field and to enhance the GDO-STEM’s advising and counseling skills and knowledge. The GDO-STEM will give oral presentations to public and professional groups, or at seminars, meetings or educational functions.


The GDO-STEM will collaborate on projects with peers and other academic and support units across campus and at other institutions. The GDO-STEM advises the Assistant Dean, Associate Deans and Dean of Graduate Studies on a broad range of graduate student issues, and participates in Graduate Studies Commencement in celebration of student success.

While teaching classroom courses is not an expectation of this position, the GDO-STEM may engage in University service activities such as guest lecturing and committee service.

Job location

Davis, CA


Document requirements
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume - Your most recently updated C.V.

  • Cover Letter

  • Statement of Contributions to Diversity - Diversity contributions documented in the application file will be used to evaluate applicants. Visit for guidelines about writing a diversity statement and why one is requested.

Reference requirements
  • 3 required (contact information only)

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