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Assistant Specialist

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The position of Specialist has a narrow focus in a specialized area and provides technical or specialized expertise (e.g., with instrumentation and research equipment or with social science research methods) in the planning and execution of a research project. The Specialist stays apprised of emerging issues and problems and maintains technical competence in the designated area(s) of specialization. Within this defined area and when appropriate, the Specialist is expected to provide leadership, facilitate teamwork and develop collaborative relationships with colleagues and to supply input into the planning of research and educational programs. Normally, Specialists do not have Principal Investigator (PI) status but may obtain permission by exception and/or collaborate with a PI in preparing research proposals for extramural funding. The Specialist is evaluated for merit and promotion using three basic criteria outlined below.

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DESIGNATED AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Plan, supervise and perform research, analyze and prepare data for publication, train laboratory personnel and general laboratory management


a) RESEARCH (60%):

(i) Research activity (45%)
The appointee will help determine research goals in consultation with the Principle Investigator. The appointee will design and execute research projects, relying on the appointee’s extensive experience in molecular cloning, biochemistry, protein expression and purification techniques and advanced experimental and data analysis skills. The appointee will support, assist and supervise students and Jr. staff regarding the technical aspects of the research, including instrumentations, methods development, interpretation results and planning follow-up experiments. The appointee will optimize and write protocols for cellular and molecular biology techniques. Construct laboratory plasmids and bacmids via cloning and site-directed mutagenesis base on the research program.

(ii) Publication (10%)
The appointee will prepare manuscripts describing research and publish in peer-reviewed journals in collaboration with PI and/or other members of research team. Evaluation of performance in research activities or in outreach activities as deemed applicable to the individual project in specialized areas, as documented by any of the following:

  1. Publications that acknowledge the Specialist's significant and meaningful contribution to the work.
  2. Publications on which the Specialist is an author.
  3. Other evidence (e.g., letters from collaborators or principal investigators) that work done by the Specialist contributed to publishable research.
  4. Other evidence of recognized expertise may include formal documentation of intellectual effort and participation in publishable research activities, first authorship on publications/patents, presentation of research at regional/national meetings, invitations to review grant proposals and/or journal articles, invitations to participate in research projects, and/or service on advisory panels

(iii) Grant Acquisition and Support (5%)

The appointee will assist in the preparation of reports as required by granting agencies. The appointee will assist in writing proposals for funding organizations.


Relying on the appointee’s experience in laboratory management and organization including inventory management and ordering. The appointee will order lab supplies, maintain and organize supply inventory. Maintain laboratory equipment. Train and supervise undergraduate and high school students; assign and oversee student projects. The appointee will perform lab safety officer duties including overseeing student and staff member safety training requirements, preparing for safety inspections, and enforcing safety standards.


The appointee will participate in appropriate professional/technical societies or groups and other educational and research organizations and will serve as a reviewer of research proposals and scientific publication related to area of expertise. The appointee will attend seminars to learn of new research results and will give oral presentation at seminars, laboratory meetings or educational functions.


The appointee will participate in mentoring of high-school, undergraduate students and entering or rotating graduate students. The appointee may participate in activities of committees within the department, college, campus and other University entities, as appropriate.

Job location

Davis, CA


Document requirements
  • Curriculum Vitae - Your most recently updated C.V.

  • Cover Letter

  • Statement of Research (no more than 2 pages) (Optional)

  • Statement of Contributions to Diversity - Diversity contributions documented in the application file will be used to evaluate applicants. Visit for guidelines about writing a diversity statement and why one is requested.

Reference requirements
  • 3-5 letters of reference required