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Ori-McKenney 2017 Postdoctoral Researcher Recruitment

We are no longer accepting applications for this recruitment


The postdoctoral scholar will work on a project focused on signaling pathways that regulate the microtubule cytoskeleton during neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration. In general, the project will require an integration of genetics, cell biology, neurobiology, and biochemistry. Specific topics include, but are not limited to: 1) Defining the downstream pathway of DYRK1a in neuronal development and/or degeneration in Drosophila, and 2) Investigating the role of DYRK1a and its downstream cytoskeletal substrates during mitosis. Additional duties and responsibilities include impeccable organization of notes, data, and analysis, presentation of data at weekly lab meetings, and basic lab maintenance jobs.

BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: The applicant must have a Ph.D. in cell biology, neuroscience, biochemistry, or related field, and must have proven productivity with at least one first author publication. In addition, the applicant should be proficient in molecular biology. The applicant must have experience with either 1) studying mitosis in mammalian cell culture, including performing CRISPR to endogenously tag or disrupt genes of interest and imaging of live and fixed samples, or 2) Drosophila genetics, including creating genomically engineered Drosophila lines, performing behavioral assays, and imaging in the adult or larval nervous system. Finally, the applicant must be well versed in Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, a plasmid software such as Ape, and a graphing program such as Prism or R. The applicant must be attentive and reliable with various modes of communication (email, texts, Slack), and must have the motivation to pursue and drive a project independently.

Job location

Davis, CA


Document requirements
  • Curriculum Vitae - Your most recently updated C.V.

  • Cover Letter

  • Statement of Research

Reference requirements
  • 3 required (contact information only)