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Health-Care Innovation

Recruitment Period

Open May 22, 2014 through Mar 31, 2015
Last review date was March 20th, 2015. Your application may or may not be reviewed by the search committee


The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis seeks two visionary researchers and educators to join the founding faculty at the school. This new School of Nursing was founded with a $100 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. This current recruitment is open for two full-time academic (tenure-track) positions. One associate/full professor whose responsibilities will include mentoring junior faculty, and one professor open to all ranks who has experience teaching and mentoring Hispanic women to meet the CAMPOS scholar criteria. Appointments in the regular series are expected to engage in research and other scholarly activities, teaching, as well as university and public service.

The School of Nursing seeks candidates with scholarship and research interests in the areas of health-care innovation, new models of health and health care, and technology-enabled health. Scholarly activity in systems research, care coordination, vulnerable populations, quality improvement, policy and aging is highly valued. Particular consideration will be given to those candidates with a specialization in health informatics/technology. Candidates must also have demonstrated experience securing extramural funding.

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3-5 references required (contact information only)