We are no longer accepting applications for this recruitment

Lecturer in International Business

Recruitment Period

Open September 11th, 2013 through October 15th, 2013
If you apply to this recruitment by October 15th, 2013, you will have until October 29th, 2013 to complete your application.


International Business Lecturer. This position will coordinate and lead our International Study Trip (IST) course. The course is designed to help develop knowledge, skills and desire to do business in the international marketplace. The Lecturer will have three primary responsibilities in coordinating this course. First, during the quarter prior to the trip, the class will meet every other week and the lecturer will facilitate in-class discussion/presentations on international trade, country profiles, industry sectors and business practices. Second, during the quarter prior to the trip, the Lecturer will plan the international and within-country travel logistics, and ensure that this course is an invaluable learning experience for the students. The Lecturer and students will identify industry sectors to explore and establish contacts with business executives in various companies to meet during the trip. Third, the lecturer will accompany the students on the international trip and all business visits. The trips typically take place during the last two weeks of March for the Day MBA (at the end of Winter Quarter) and September for the Sacramento and Bay MBAs (at the end of the Summer Quarter). The trip runs approximately one week (5 days of visits plus 2 travel days).
Candidates should have strong international experience and should be familiar with the Graduate School of Management. We prefer to have someone that can commit to this position on a long-term basis.




3-5 references required (contact information only)