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Assistance for the UC Recruit Help Desk will be limited between February 28, 2024 and March 1, 2024 due to systemwide training. Every effort will be made to respond to your email as timely as possible. We appreciate your patience with our delayed response time.
Recruitment Assistant Professor of Biotechnical Engineering

For questions about a specific recruitment, contact the hiring department directly by clicking the recruitment's name on the list, then using the "Contact" link found on that page.

Your question or comment will be sent to technical support or the administrator for the recruitment.

Note: Please provide the recruitment/department/school information for faster assistance.

If the recruitment you are looking for is not shown:
  • Contact the hiring department directly for assistance.
  • Contact email and phone number is usually stated in the advertisement for the recruitment.
Reasons a recruitment may not be shown:
  • It is possible that applications are being accepted in a different form other than through this website.
  • The open application period may have lapsed.