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Assistant Specialist - Lundy Lab

Recruitment Period

Open date: August 6th, 2019
Last review date: Tuesday, Sep 3, 2019 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time)
Applications received after this date will be reviewed by the search committee if the position has not yet been filled.
Final date: Monday, Sep 30, 2019 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time)
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.


Assistant Specialist
Department of Plant Sciences

The position of Specialist has a narrow focus in a specialized area and provides technical or specialized expertise (e.g., with instrumentation and research equipment or with social science research methods) in the planning and execution of a research project. The Specialist stays apprised of emerging issues and problems and maintains technical competence in the designated area(s) of specialization. Within this defined area and when appropriate, the Specialist is expected to provide leadership, facilitate teamwork and develop collaborative relationships with colleagues and to supply input into the planning of research and educational programs.


A. Field-based agronomic research (40%). Under the direction of CE Specialist Mark Lundy, the individual will collaborate with other research and extension personnel affiliated with research activities involving UC small grains research trials at 8-10 sites throughout the state of California. S/he will coordinate and carry out collection of high-throughput phenotypic data across a diverse set of agroecological conditions using proximal sensing devices, including UAV-based reflectance measurements and other agronomic measurements of the plant-soil environments. Sh/e communicates with the CE Specialist, CE Advisors, CE REC staff, and public and private breeding programs and coordinates efforts of the Junior Specialist, and the undergraduate student assistants to carry out the establishment, monitoring, sampling, harvest and measurements of small grains field research trials.

B. Data curation, management and analysis (30%): In collaboration with the CE Specialist, the incumbent develops and maintains a database structure where field trial results and associated phenotypic measurements are maintained. In addition to productivity results, the database accommodates site-specific measurements at various levels of spatial and temporal precision and interacts with web-based data sources. The database underpins web-based portals for the delivery of extension information to growers, crop consultants and stakeholders in the plant breeding community. The incumbent will instruct and oversee the efforts of the Junior Specialist and Student Assistants in the area of data management and curation. In addition to the curation of this database, the incumbent will be responsible for statistical summary of data on a periodic basis. This will include simple summaries as well as more complex analyses of trends and interactions across multiple spatial and temporal scales. The data will be summarized graphically and tabularly, and it will require advanced capabilities with command-line statistical computing environments such as R, and an ability to stay up-to-date on novel analytical approaches that may apply to the work at hand.

C. Develop written and oral summaries of field research trials (10%): On an annual basis, the incumbent is responsible for summarizing in writing and in oral presentation form, key findings from UC small grains trials. This includes summaries to funding agencies as well as to grower, consultant, breeder, and industry clientele at annual meetings. It also includes updates and curation of the trial data on UCCE website portals. When appropriate, the incumbent reports novel findings of broader scientific interest resulting from the field trials in peer-reviewed scientific journals and at professional society meetings. In addition, when appropriate, the incumbent provides scientific feedback and participates in the development of applied research and extension publications and presentations prepared by the CE Specialist. Evaluation of performance in research activities or in outreach activities as deemed applicable to the individual project in specialized areas, as documented by any of the following:
1) Publications that acknowledge the Specialist's significant and meaningful contribution to the work.
2) Publications on which the Specialist is an author.
3) Other evidence (e.g., letters from collaborators or principal investigators) that work done by the Specialist contributed to publishable research.
4) Active dissemination of information (beyond the boundaries of the campus) through informal instruction, presentations, or other means stemming from the Specialist's research accomplishments.
5) Other evidence of recognized expertise may include formal documentation of intellectual effort and participation in publishable research activities, first authorship on publications/patents, presentation of research at regional/national meetings, invitations to review grant proposals and/or journal articles, invitations to participate in research projects, and/or service on advisory panels.

II. PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE AND ACTIVITY (10% EFFORT) A. Participate in appropriate professional/technical societies or groups and other educational and research organizations. B. When appropriate, the candidate may coordinate and/or give presentations at seminars and continuing education functions. C. Review research proposals, journal manuscripts, and publications related to area of expertise.

III. UNIVERSITY AND PUBLIC SERVICE (10% EFFORT) A. May maintain liaison and respond to the needs of various industry organizations, state and federal agencies, and other external groups on issues related to area of expertise. B. Participate in activities of committees within the department, college, campus and other University entities, as appropriate.

2019 Forbes Award: Best Employers for Diversity 2019 Forbes Award: America


Document requirements
  • Curriculum Vitae - Your most recently updated C.V.

  • Cover Letter

  • Statement of Research (Optional)

  • Statement of Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion documented in the application file will be used to evaluate applicants. Visit for guidelines about writing a statement and why one is requested.

Reference requirements
  • 3 required (contact information only)