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International Law Program Academic Coordinator

Recruitment Period

Open date: December 15th, 2018
Last review date: January 15th, 2019
Applications received after this date will be reviewed by the search committee if the position has not yet been filled.
Final date: February 28th, 2019
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.


The School of Law is recruiting for an Academic Coordinator


The University of California, Davis, School of Law is a top tier US law school. Its mission is to provide legal research, education and outreach. The outstanding scholarly reputation, high rankings, small size, dedicated faculty of internationally renowned scholars, and uniquely support learning environment combine for an experience of legal education that is second to none to the students. The King Hall School of Law has consistently placed among the best in the US News and World Report rankings and other polls, and is expect to continue its upward trajectory for years to come.

The UC Davis School of Law offers a three year full-time program leading to the Juris Doctor Degree, as well of programs for LL.M. and combined degrees.

The International Law Programs is a $ 4 million self-supporting UC Davis School of Law academic unit that designs and provides year-round complex academic degrees, programs, courses, and conferences for international clients from across the globe. Established in 1990, the International Law Programs are taught by law school faculty and senior legal professionals to approximately 350 foreign lawyers, judges, prosecutors, academics, Ph.D., graduate and undergraduate international law students. 3,000+ International Law Programs alumni form a closely connected worldwide network of legal professionals connected with prestigious global institutions. The international Law Programs academic portfolio currently consists of the Academic Year LL.M. Program, the International Commercial Law LL.M. Program, Summer International Law Programs including the Orientation to USA Law Program, the Advanced Programs (Financing International Transactions, International Joint Ventures, Global Trade and Dispute Resolution), Como, Italy Joint Environmental Program (held in Italy), Joint Academic Programs with China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) including the Fall UC Davis/ CUPL Advanced Academic Program for Master’s and Ph.D. law students from China and the Summer UC Davis/CUPL Undergraduate Law Program, Custom Programs (such as the Sri Lankan Supreme Court Program), Licensing Academy with PIPRA, Visiting Scholars Program, Visiting Ph.D. Program, JD Foreign Exchange Programs, faculty exchanges and international professional conferences such as the Asian Pacific Rim International Law Dean’s conference, conferences on international migration in Mexico, wine, spirits and food law conferences, etc. The International Law Programs also creates and implements the JD Exchange Program, and creates linkages with major global institutions such as CUPL, Renmin University, Pontificia Catolica de Chile, University of Lausanne, University College Dublin, University of Copenhagen, National Law School of India and other prestigious institutions and other international activities.

The International Law Programs Academic Coordinator reports to the Associate Dean for International Programs at the UC Davis School of Law and is responsible for new and continuing academic program development, design, marketing and implementation of the International Law Programs $4 million dollar portfolio. The International Law Programs Academic Coordinator must possess a range of professional, academic, and administrative skills to successfully design and deliver international law programs as part of the law school global mission. The International Law Programs Academic Coordinator must hold a law degree and possess sufficient legal practice knowledge to design and implement international law educational and professional programs that meet the needs of foreign and domestic legal audiences. The International Law Programs Academic Coordinator must be an outstanding communicator who can deal with and attract global clients, international educational institutions, sophisticated legal professionals (domestic and foreign), international undergraduate and graduate law students. The Academic Coordinator must be strategic thinker able to design and deliver educational and research programs based on target audience and unit needs. The Academic Coordinator must be a highly effective administrator who can mobilize both academics and staff to successfully deliver the International Law Programs to a worldwide audience. The Academic Coordinator must be able to manage the finances of the $4 million self-supporting program.

Job Responsibilities

Academic Coordinators are appointees who administer academic programs that provide service closely related to the teaching or research mission of the University. This service may be provided to academic departments, to organized research units, to students, or to the general public. Determination of the appropriate level for an appointment for an Academic Coordinator shall take into consideration such factors as program scope and complexity. The duties of an Academic Coordinator are primarily administrative. Individuals in an Academic Coordinator title who are assigned research or instructional duties are required to hold a dual title.


Academic program planning, development and implementation - 50%
Working with the Associate Dean and law school faculty members, strategically conceptualizes, designs and develops curriculum and program planning for the International Law Programs portfolio for approximately 350 legal professionals annually. Examples of the portfolio include two advanced master’s degree programs (LL.M. and ICL LL.M.), open enrollment summer programs (Orientation in USA Law, English for Legal Professionals, The Global Trading System: Substance and Dispute Resolution, Financing International Transactions, Structuring International Joint Ventures and the International Comparative Environmental Law Seminar in Como, Italy), conferences (such as the Immigration in the 21st Century: Current Challenges and Potential Solutions in partnership with the UNAM and TEC Monterrey; the Deans Conference on Immigration and Humans Rights with the Asia Pacific Rim Universities APRU), and other customized academic programs (such as the Sri Lanka Supreme Court Judicial Training Program, the Wine and Spirits Law Academy, and the semester long academic program for graduate students of the China University of Political Science and Law CUPL). Leads admissions effort for approximately 600+ student/participant/applicants annually.

To achieve the above goals, works closely with the Associate Dean and law faculty both at the UC Davis School of Law and at other prestigious global universities and legal institutions to create academic programs. On behalf of the International Law Programs and based on curriculum planning, hires 30 academic and senior legal professionals each academic year to give talks in their areas of expertise, provide short seminars and, if appropriate, lead academic programs, if appropriate. To ensure a solid administrative foundation, provides oversight and leads 6-9 person administrative staff to administer the self-supporting programs.

Assessment of program and constituency needs - 30 %
To meet client needs and maintain the highest academic qualify in the programs, works with Associate Dean and law school faculty to review and analyze academic programs, assesses the quality and value of academic program activities and functions, such as faculty and senior legal professionals classes, courses, conferences and presentations along with applied aspects of the programs including academic fieldtrips to legal institutions (California Supreme Court, Federal Appellate Court, 3rd District, Yolo County Jail, Sacramento Superior Court, California State Legislature) and global networking events for legal scholars and professionals. Working with Associate Dean and faculty, designs academic curricula for new programs and revises existing programs based on program, participant and client assessments. Examines and analyzes current market offerings and targets global audiences. Works with international Law Programs marketing professionals to strategically promote the law school and design and deliver successful global academic programs, courses, degree, certificates and custom programs.

Assessing constituency needs/liaison representation with other agencies and institutions in the public and private sector including funding agencies – 10%
As noted above, the Academic Coordinator must be able to assess and respond to global client needs and market based opportunities with international institutions and clients. The Academic Coordinator identifies sources of prospective program opportunities based on extensive global connections with worldwide academic and legal institutions. To support this goal, the Academic Coordinator works with the Associate Dean to develop and further global linkages, and represents the International Programs Office with international educational funding agencies (Fulbright, Education USA, Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission, Asia Pacific Rim Universities-APRU), educational institutions and universities (University of Insubria, Italy, University Pontificia de Comillas, Spain, University of Istanbul, Turkey, Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, Mexico, Technologic Monterrey Institute, Mexico, China University of Political Science and Law, China, among others) international bar associations, private law firms and consulates. Also, coordinates with campus staff and faculty to ensure that the programs are compliant with campus academic and administrative processes.


  • Continues professional growth and development to enhance effectiveness of program development and administration.
  • Provides intellectual leadership and scholarship to the International Law programs.
  • Maintains membership in professional, community, and governmental organizations.


  • Represents the University in a variety of settings with external stakeholders.
  • Participates on division and campus committees and projects as appropriate; makes substantive contributions that help achieve committee/project goals and objectives.

Works positively and effectively with School of Law faculty, colleagues and clients to create partnerships and to design and deliver interdisciplinary programs

Job location

Davis, CA

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